Bookkeeping, taxes, and unlimited accounting advice, all for under $100/month

Licensed CPA

Mazuma is a professional accounting firm. All work is performed by CPAs and accountants in the U.S.


Your Mazuma Accountant reconciles your accounts and provides a complete monthly financial report.


Your Mazuma Accountant prepares and e-files your state and federal taxes for no additional fee.

Unlimited Support

You can contact your Mazuma Accountant anytime for questions and advice, for free.

The easiest and cheapest way to manage your books

Real accountants. No software. It’s so easy to use Mazuma, our most common question: “Is that all I have to do?”

Stuff the Purple Envelope
We provide pre-paid postage envelopes, which you stuff with your receipts, invoices, and bank statements once a month. Put them in your outgoing mail and you are done! Nothing. Nada. No more. That’s it.

10 business days turnaround
Ten business days after we receive your receipts and statements, you’ll receive a Profit & Loss, General Ledger, and Balance Sheet report, prepared by our professional accounting team. View a Sample Financial Report

We include your annual business taxes
Each year we prepare and file your business tax return. Simply place your year-end tax info in our famous Purple Mazuma Envelope and we do the rest.

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We are so confident you will be utterly impressed with our services and thankfully relieved that you don't have to enter receipts and reconcile your accounts, you will never look back. And for under $100/month, why not?

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We are licensed accountants and members of the AICPA

3 choices every small business owner faces when it comes to bookkeeping and taxes

Mazuma Comparison

“I’ll do it myself,” is the most common bookkeeping response by small business owners, and ironically the least favorite task. This choice is usually based on saving money. Mazuma has changed the landscape of small business bookkeeping and tax services by making it so affordable it’s cheaper than doing it yourself (considering the cost of accounting software and year-end tax services). And we make sure it’s done accurately and consistently all year. No more guessing. No more wondering what your finances look like. No more missed tax deductions. Mazuma bookkeeping and tax services: $58/month sole proprietor; $98/month LLC and corporations. What’s your time and peace of mind worth?

Giving the responsibility to manage the company books to someone else is wonderful. We know. But giving this job to just anyone can open the door to fraud and human error. We understand you want to save money, so we created an affordable and professional small business accounting solution. Mazuma is a licensed Certified Public Accounting firm offering small business bookkeeping and taxes for $58 a month (sole proprietor) or $98 a month (LLC, corporation). Now you can hire a professional accountant for a lot less than you thought.

Few small business owners hire a professional accountant to do their monthly bookkeeping. It’s usually too expensive. However, at the end of the year most small businesses hire a local public accountant to review their books and do their taxes. Every year, the average small business spends $1,000 – $3,000 for accounting “support” and taxes which do not include monthly bookkeeping. Mazuma provides your monthly bookkeeping and annual taxes for a flat fee of $58 a month (sole proprietor) or $98 a month (LLC, corporation), And this includes unlimited support, a second set of eyes on your books, and a lot of peace of mind. Now you can hire a professional accountant to manage your books every month for a price you can afford.

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