Save More, Stress Less with Mazuma

Here’s our secret recipe for a seamless tax season.

Our process is simple and thorough.

We finish your

Bookkeeping is the key to maximizing your tax savings. That’s why we take the time to do your books and do them right.

This helps us:

  1. capture more deductions,
  2.  keep you out of trouble with the IRS, and
  3. provide you with key business financial insights. This is often the most time-intensive part of the process, so providing us with your bank statements throughout the year or as soon as possible will speed up the tax process.

You provide some tax information.

We’re here to make things easy for you! Simply fill out your tax checklist and upload any tax-related documents to your Mazuma Dash to provide us with the information we need. (Don’t know which documents to upload? Check this list.) And, don’t worry. If we think we are missing anything, we’ll send you an email and post an update on your Mazuma Dash. Be sure to keep an eye out for messages from our team!

We prepare and review your taxes.

Once your books are complete and we have the information we need, an accountant prepares your taxes. Then, we have a tax professional review your tax return to ensure everything is accurate and we save you the most possible.

You sign; we finish and file!

Last of all, we send your taxes to you to review and sign. Once everything looks good to you, we’ll file your taxes for you!

During tax season, you can see the progress of your taxes by logging in to your Mazuma Dash!

How long will my taxes take?

Once your books are complete, you’ve filled out your tax checklist, and you’ve uploaded any tax documents, we commit to finishing your 2022 taxes within two weeks. Log in to your Mazuma Dash during tax season to see your estimated tax delivery date.

Why two weeks? We want to make sure you and we have time to review your taxes and collect any missing information. We’ll work hard to finish your taxes quickly without compromising accuracy!

Need your taxes sooner?

Reach out to our team. We can expedite a limited number of tax returns for an added $500 fee.

Tax Deadlines

To guarantee we can finish your tax return by the IRS deadline, Mazuma sets our own guidelines for our clients. These dates provide us with extra time in the rare event there are any complications.

IRS Tax Deadlines

What happens if I miss a deadline?

Life happens. We understand. Simply provide us with any missing information as soon as possible.

 If it’s getting close to the tax deadline, we will extend your taxes to help you avoid penalties and make sure we have enough time to do things right. Be sure to fill out your tax checklist! That will provide us with the information we need to file an extension.

We are here for you!

Our team is here to make this a great tax season. We’re happy to answer your questions and love to meet with you.

As a reminder, this is our busy season, so if you would like to meet with your bookkeeper or tax accountant, be sure to schedule your appointments early.

Of course, you can always reach our team at:

And follow us for updates!

Tips for Tax Season Success

Send in your bookkeeping and tax information on time
Keep an eye out for emails from our team
Schedule times to meet with our team early in the season
Check your Mazuma Dash for updates
Wait until our team has filed your business return to file your personal return (if applicable)
Remember to pay any tax fees due

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re updating our Mazuma Dash to provide you with a streamlined experience. Starting February, we will provide updates on your Dash home page so you can view the status of your tax return as well as estimated delivery dates!

Bookkeeping is critical to making sure we capture all your deductions so we can save you the most possible. In addition, it ensures your taxes are accurate. Our thorough process is what has helped us achieve the goal of $0 IRS audit fees paid by our clients.

We believe in being thorough and accurate. Other accounting firms may push out tax returns faster, but they don’t take time to complete your bookkeeping and review your taxes to ensure no deductions or mistakes are missed. Our tax process has helped us ensure no Mazuma client has had to pay IRS audit fees, and none have been audited in 6 years and counting!

Yes! We would love to help you with that. You can find more information at mazumausa.com/1099-services.

Providing us with the information we need is as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

  1. Complete your tax return checklist in the Mazuma Dash

  2. Upload any relevant tax documents in the “My Files” section of your Mazuma Dash (see some examples here)

Upload your prior year tax return in the “My Files” section of your Mazuma Dash if this is the first year we are preparing your taxes

No. Overall, extending your tax return can be very beneficial for your business. It can give you more time to make sure your taxes are accurate and to catch deductions that can lower your tax bill. You can learn more about how extensions can impact your business at mazumausa.com/extensions.