Small Business Accounting School: Accounting Mistakes That Put Your Small Business At Risk

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Small Business Accounting School: Accounting Mistakes that Put Your Small Business At Risk | Mazuma USA | Small Business Accountants & Bookkeepers


Welcome to Small Business Accounting School – school is now in session and it’s time to start building your business. We know that small business owners everywhere have passion for what they do. They put in countless hours, keep track of the dollars and cents and are more than willing to invest back into the biz when they know it will grow and they’ll make a profit. Small business owners are savvy, but they’re also sometimes short on time. We get that, because we work with small business owners everyday, and we’re even small business owners ourselves.

Every small business owner seems to have their speciality. They’re good with the books (that’s us), or stellar with the creative, or super savvy when it comes to influencing and marketing. But it seems that none of us can do it all. We figured we’d pull our best resources and advice on accounting and put it all in one place. That way small business owners everywhere could gather, read through the posts, try their new found knowledge through the quizzes and then go forth to build a better business by putting our bookkeeping advice and financial savvy to use. If you have questions – we’d love to talk. Contact us and we’ll happily answer your questions and see if we don’t make a good fit for you and your business.

And now… on to this session of Small Business Accounting School.


It’s not enough to just keep track of finances and hope for the best. Instead you need consistent bookkeeping, and a chance to sit down budget, and track your profits and losses. We get that there’s only so many hours in a day and that the accounting for your business might not be at the top of your to do list. That said, it’s important to learn about the mistakes that can put your business at risk and then make sure you’re not making them. This week, we’ll be covering the 4 Accounting Mistakes That Put Your Small Business at Risk.

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Missed last session? No problem. You can catch the post and take the quiz here


Small Business Accounting School: Accounting Mistakes that Put Your Small Business At Risk | Mazuma USA | Small Business Accountants & Bookkeepers


Ben Sutton

Ben Sutton

Ben Sutton is the founder of Mazuma USA, an accounting firm providing tax, bookkeeping and payroll services to small businesses. Since founding Mazuma, Ben has established himself as an expert in the small business world. He’s still driven by that same desire to provide accounting help to all small businesses – from photographers, bloggers and creatives to lawyers, doctors, and dentists, everyone needs affordable accounting help. Ben is a Certified Public Accountant, and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. But Ben considers his greatest achievement and credential to be his happy wife and four children.

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