Unlimited Small Business Accounting Advice by our CPA-led Accounting Teams

By combining monthly bookkeeping and annual taxes, we have uniquely positioned our offering and our accountants to be your small business accounting experts. As part of this SMB accounting package, you can contact us as often as you need for accounting and small business bookkeeping questions and advice, and there is never a charge.

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Bookkeeping Services

Not your traditional “reactive” accounting advice

Many professional accounting services offer great advice if you can come up with the right question. But how do you get advice from your accountant for questions you didn’t know to ask?

Since the Mazuma accounting team is involved with every business transaction through our monthly bookkeeping service, we see a LOT of areas where small businesses can save money.

  • We catch a lot more tax deductible expenses (up to 50% more)
  • We may recommend setting up an employee reimbursement plan to save on payroll taxes
  • We may recommend converting a DBA or LLC to an S-corp with the owner on the payroll to avoid self-employment taxes
  • We can recommend the best salary for the business owner to maximize tax deductions
  • We setup depreciation correctly, including full depreciated deductions the first year
  • We provide tax planning advice throughout the year, not just at the end of the year
  • We can help separate personal and business finances to decrease liability

Mazuma is in a unique position to identify where you can save money and how to maximize your deductions. Our CPA-led accounting teams are committed to offering proactive accounting advice based on our work, rather than waiting for you to ask the right questions.