If you’re looking for an amazing Quickbooks alternative (and even if you’re not), Mazuma is the right choice. At Mazuma, we provide the easiest and cheapest option to keep your small business’ books managed and organized. We’ll even let you try it out for one month at no charge and with no obligation to continue — so you get a free Quickbooks alternative for a whole 30-day period, without the fear of being charged for more, unless you like it. Our service is easy and stress-free. All you have to do is put your receipts, invoices, and bank statements in a pre-paid envelope once a month and drop it in the mail. That’s it! It’s that simple.

Cost Comparison

While you will struggle to find a completely free Quickbooks alternative that is both reliable and useful, Mazuma is a more financially savvy option than pretty much any Quickbooks enterprise — and you get an actual, certified account to carry out your bookkeeping in a secure and professional manner. Having a dedicated, professional accountant working on your books isn’t only the more reliable option—it can be the more affordable option, too. Let’s break down the costs associated with each one.

Quickbooks Online Pro Mazuma Side Gig (Software) Mazuma Business Mazuma Business Plus
Bookkeeping Software $40/month (you do the work) $30/month (you do the work) $130/month (we do the work) $180/month (we do the work)
Bookkeeping Services not included not included professional bookkeeper professional bookkeeper
Taxes not included not included not included tax professional
Accounting Support & Advice not included ($700 for 3-4 hours) software support (unlimited) full support unlimited full support unlimited
Total Annual Cost $480 $360 $1,560 $2,160

*According to reports provided by the IRS, the average cost to prepare a 1040 Tax Form (Schedule C) is $218. 1120S Tax Forms (S corporation) have an average cost of $761. A 1065 (LLC Partnership Return) on average costs approximately $940. Additional information can be found on https://www.irs.gov.

**Based on reports compiled by Cost Helper. The average professional tax consulting cost reported is $350 per year for small and growing businesses.

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How It Works

Online, computer-based accounting products like Quickbooks (and any free Quickbooks alternatives you may find) require you to input all of your information, but at Mazuma, we do all the work for you. Mazuma is the simplest Quickbooks alternative available, and all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Stuff the Purple Envelope

Place all of your receipts, invoices, and bank statements into our pre-paid, pre-addressed envelopes, which we will provide you. Or simply just upload your files!

Step 2: Mail the Envelope

Seriously, that’s it. You put it in the mail, and we do the rest. No worries about whether you filled out a field properly. Just put it in the mail once a month, and Mazuma will do the rest. Your documents will be reviewed by real accountants who manage your books. Can Quickbooks promise that?

Step 3: Relax

Five business days after we receive your documents, you will receive a Profit & Loss, a General Ledger, and a Balance Sheet report, all prepared by our team of professional accountants. Included as a part of your subscription, we will also prepare and file your business tax return for you. Just as you send your regular documents each month, put your year-end tax information into the Purple Envelope and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Mazuma is the Best Quickbooks Alternative for Small Businesses

Mazuma is more than just a Quickbooks alternative—you actually get more from us. At Mazuma, you are dealing with real accountants who manage your books. While Quickbooks and free Quickbook alternatives offer access to bookkeeping software, Mazuma personally assigns you an accountant who handles all of your finances. This not only makes it a more reliable solution to your bookkeeping needs, by lessening the chance of mistakes, it also cuts out all of the time that you would normally have to spend entering information yourself. So that’s what you get: a better service, less stress. There is no additional charge to speak to your accountant, and they are available during our regular office hours, 9 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday.


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What Mazuma Offers

Unlike many other Quickbooks competitors, Mazuma offers a wide range of services specifically tailored for SMBs. By specializing in smaller businesses, we are able to keep our operating costs low, which means we are able to offer our services for less than Quickbooks and Quickbooks competitors.

Small Business Bookkeeping

When you mail your documents to Mazuma, your bookkeeper will record those transactions and make sure your books are balanced. With Quickbooks, Quickbooks competitors, and other online accounting software providers, there is always a chance that a mistake could be overlooked, but as a licensed CPA firm, Mazuma provides experts who check to make sure every entry is accurate and nothing is missed. Each month, we will send you a set of key financial reports, including your Income Statement (Profit & Loss Report), your Balance Sheet, and an Account Ledger with detailed information about your finances. Altogether, these services can cost you as little as $75 each month.

Small Business Taxes

Because Mazuma takes care of both your regular bookkeeping and your annual tax preparation and filing, we are able to provide unique insight when you file each year. Not only that, but your annual tax preparation is included with your regular Mazuma subscription and when compared with similar services on Quickbooks, free. When you use bookkeeping software like Quickbooks and other non-Quickbooks free alternatives, these services are not included and could cost you an average of $600 more.

Because we take care of your regular bookkeeping, we are able to ensure that you don’t miss any tax deductions, such as marketing costs, home office expenses, business cell phone usage, mileage, and other deductions specific to your own business.

Small Business Accounting Advice

One of the most daunting parts of running your own business is making sure the accounting is properly handled. With Quickbooks, you have to make sure to ask the right questions in order to get the right advice. Our accounting teams, each led by a certified CPA, are committed to offering advice on ways to improve your business as we come across it. We are personally involved with your accounts and can offer proactive suggestions to help you save money.

Previous Years’ Bookkeeping and Taxes

If you have fallen behind on your bookkeeping, Mazuma can help you catch up. Mazuma’s subscription services cost the same for you whether we are moving forward or backward through your finances.


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Our Guarantee

At Mazuma, our goal is to provide your small or mid-sized business with affordable accounting solutions and help you to make informed financial decisions about your company. To accomplish this goal, we offer the following guarantees:

  1. Mazuma’s accountants are members of the AICPA, and each of our accounting teams is led by a licensed CPA.
  2. Mazuma does not outsource any of our accounting work. Mazuma is based in the United States, and we provide our services to businesses nationwide.
  3. We do not require a contract for our services, and you are free to cancel your monthly subscription at any time by giving us a 30-day written notice. This notice can be sent by regular mail or email.
  4. We will never charge you for additional services other than your monthly subscription fee without first giving you full disclosure and getting your approval.
  5. If you have accounting questions for us, we will respond within one business day.
  6. We will keep all of your personal and financial information confidential, and we will never use or share it for any purpose other than to support your accounting needs by Mazuma.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of QuickBooks?

Virtual bookkeeping from Mazuma is a good alternative to QuickBooks, as the price is comparable — and often cheaper — the service includes more, and Mazuma does all the work for you! You don’t have to do any of the work that you would with QuickBooks.

Join Thousands Who’ve Switched From Quickbooks

You are never going to get Quickbooks free, but when you try Mazuma, you will soon realize that you don’t even want to. If you’re still hesitant, contact us for a free trial. There’s no obligation to continue — enjoy a free alternative to Quickbooks for 30 days. Sign up below for your free trial.

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