Mazuma takes care of Previous Years’ Catch Up Bookkeeping and Taxes

Have you fallen behind on last year’s bookkeeping? We do catch up bookkeeping and accounting for previous years. We’ll have you ready for tax time, an IRS audit, a meeting with your bank or whatever gets thrown at you, no problem.

This service is available ONLY to Mazuma subscription clients. The cost for these services are the same going forward or backward :

  • $95 per month for Sole proprietors, (4 bank / credit accounts or less)
  • $150 per month for Corporations, (4 bank/credit accounts or less)
  • *5 or more accounts require a custom bid

Mazuma is a licensed CPA firm specializing in affordable virtual bookkeeping and tax services for small businesses. Your Mazuma bookkeeper records your transactions and reconciles your business accounts, as well as files taxes for this year or previous years. We do catch up accounting for last year’s books or even years before that. And, we can create your company’s key financial reports: Income Statement (profit & loss report), Balance Sheet, and a detailed Account Ledger for a flat fee.* But that’s not all we do! We also get you caught up on this year’s books and keep you up-to-date each month, so when next year’s tax season rolls around, you’re prepared. Easy!

1 minute video explains it all

The easiest and cheapest way to manage your books

Real accountants. No software. It’s so easy to use Mazuma, our most common question: “Is that all I have to do?”

Stuff the Purple Envelope – File upload also available!
We provide pre-paid postage envelopes, which you fill with your receipts, invoices, and bank statements once a month. Put them in your outgoing mail and you are done! Nothing. Nada. No more. That’s it.

Complete Bookkeeping Service – 5 day turnaround!
Your Mazuma bookkeeper records your transactions and reconciles your business accounts. Each month we provide your company’s key financial reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and a detailed Account Ledger. View a Sample Financial Report

We include your annual business taxes
Each year your Mazuma CPA prepares and files your business tax returns. Simply place your year-end tax statements in our famous Purple Mazuma Envelope and we do the rest.

Call 866-575-9100 to off-load your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation TODAY

Mazuma is your bookkeeping company

  • Having a professional bookkeeping company is actually affordable!
  • You receive financial statements every month, giving you the insight you need to budget effectively (view a Sample Financial Report).
  • You don’t have to maintain financial spreadsheets or use complicated accounting software.
  • There are no year-end surprises. You and your accountant can have a productive discussion about your tax situation any time of the year.
  • You don’t miss any precious tax deductions as we reconcile the bank and dig through the details of your transactions.
  • We are a licensed accounting firm in the U.S. and members of the AICPA.
  • A second set of eyes on your finances by a professional accountant helps to avoid human error and fraud.

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