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When Bobby lost his mother two years ago, he wanted to make sure he stayed connected with her. He found his answer through his small business: Essence of Soul Creations LLC, a restaurant providing quality dishes built uniquely for each customer.

“The story and the business are tied to the memory of my mom” says Bobby. He even made a signature dish in her honor, a chipotle molasses sausage stir fry. You can feel his love for his mother in the way that he described each ingredient. 

His mom taught him to be able to do things for himself, including cooking a good meal. Bobby said his mom taught him well: “Son, learn how to take care of yourself, because if you don’t ever find the right person in life, you are going to be in a bind”

Bobby is very intentional about his business, from the name to how he cooks each meal. Even his mission statement has an important message: Touching lives through food, one family meal at a time.

Bobby truly believes and follows his mission statement with every order. He detailed his process for each order that comes in:

  1. He takes the order, and if he doesn’t have the ingredients on hand, he will purchase them himself, fresh from the market.
  2. From there, he preps the dish, providing text updates throughout the process.
  3. He then puts the order in a to-go box, sealed with the date and time it was finished.
  4. He then hand delivers each meal, dressed in his full chef attire.

“I always want to maintain those levels of quality and professionalism when I am doing an order. Whether it is one order, or 15, every order will be treated with the same level of responsibility and care as the first.” says Bobby, who credits learning that lesson from master chef Gordon Ramsey.

Bobby already has big ideas for the business, and will make sure his employees share the same vision that he does. One requirement for his employees will be to bring a picture of an important family member to the kitchen. “It is to remind you who you are cooking for” says Bobby. “If you wouldn’t cook it for your wife, child or husband, then you should not cook it for my customers”.

Bobby has a true passion for what he does everyday, and strongly believes that everyone should be doing what they love. “At the end of the day, if you are not passionate about what you are doing, you are just wasting time. I have always been passionate about food, and been connected to my mom, which is the driving force to doing what I do, and basically cooking these dishes with my eyes closed.”

If you want to learn more about Bobby and Essence of Soul Creations LLC, you can visit his website at https://www.essenceofsoulcreationsllc.com/ or on Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin.

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