Blake’s Story: Fly Vintage 87

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Blake was an all-state high school athlete with a promising future in track and basketball. Sadly, a torn ACL his senior year changed all that. But his love of sports stayed with him, particularly his love of vintage sports apparel. And when he saw the boutique shops share pictures of him wearing vintage jerseys and getting hundreds of likes, he knew he was on to something. Listen as Blake shares how he began his vintage sports apparel business: Fly Vintage 87.

Quote:  “We’re all going to make mistakes. It’s about what you learn from it. . . . One thing might work for someone that shot them to
the moon and it might not work for you like that. You might have to
just continue to take those small steps.”

Website: www.flyvintage87.com

Instagram: @Flyvintage87

Facebook: @Flyvintage87

TikTok: @Flyvintage_87

Email:  flyvintage87@gmail.com

Photos mentioned in the episode: 


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