Ana and Belouka’s Story: Imamou

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Ana and Belouka are no strangers to fashion. In fact, Belouka moved from her home in Haiti to New York to begin a modeling career at 19, and Ana sewed clothing pieces for fashion week after also moving from Haiti to the U.S. So when Belouka had an idea for a swimsuit design, she reached out to her friend, Ana. What followed was the beginning of a business that celebrates Haitian culture through colorful and comfortable swimwear. Listen as Ana and Belouka share how they began Imamou.

Business Advice from Annas and Belouka:

1. Find a business partner who will complement your strengthens and weaknesses.

“I started thinking about who I could share ideas with. And then I was like, ‘I think Anna would be a great partner.’ . . . I needed the organized side and the question side and to help me think bigger about what we can do and that’s why I chose her.”-Belouka

2. Whatever your business might be, make it yours.

“Not only are we incorporating our culture, our colors, our stories within this, this is something no one has ever seen before because this is actually our art that we’re infusing into this product.” -Anna

3. You may have to put certain things on hold until you find a solution.

“There are just swim pieces that we put on the side . . . . And we’re like, ‘You know, if we sit with this piece we will never launch. So let’s just put this piece on the side and we will figure it out later. Let’s just keep moving.”-Belouka

Email: hello@imamou.com

Instagram: @Imamouswimwear

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