Mazuma Updates Dash to Streamline Tax Season

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New Mazuma Dash updates to improve your tax season

Mazuma launched recent updates to our client Dash to help you easily track the progress of your taxes and streamline communication with our team. Now, you can view the status of your books and taxes all in one place.

On the homepage of your Mazuma Dash, a customized module will appear for each tax return Mazuma is preparing for you or your business. These new modules provide an overview of your tax return from start to finish and allow you to:  

  • Quickly update or complete your books so we don’t miss any deductions 
  • View an estimated delivery date for your tax return 
  • Provide important tax information and documents to our team 
  • View the extension status of your tax return 

We’re excited to provide you with a streamlined experience this tax season and look forward to additional improvements coming later this year! 

Log in now to view these changes.


Why can’t I see an estimated delivery date for my taxes?

Mazuma commits to finishing your taxes within two weeks of receiving your tax information, which includes 1) your business bookkeeping, 2) your tax checklist, and 3) your tax documents. At the top of every tax return module, there are four tabs where you can check the status of each of these items at a glance.

If you notice a red exclammation point, click on and resolve that item to put your taxes back on track and receive an estimated delivery date.

What tax documents should I upload?

One of the main reasons a tax return can be put on hold is if we are missing important information. Here’s a helpful overview of documents we may need from you to complete your taxes. 

Why do you need to complete my books before my taxes?

Bookkeeping is what allows us to capture all your deductions and save you the most possible on your taxes. It’s worth taking the time to do things right! Our thorough process is what has helped us avoid any clients being audited in 7 years.

How do I know if my taxes are extended?

If we need more time to file an accurate tax return for you, we will file a tax extension. If we do file an extension for your tax return, the “Extended” label in the top right corner of your tax return module will turn green. 

Mazuma USA

Mazuma USA

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