Mazuma Launches $10K Giveaway for Small Businesses

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Small Business $10K Giveaway

Want to win $10,000 for your business?

Mazuma USA is giving away $12,000 to small business owners across the United States. Any small business can apply for the giveaway, which includes a $10,000 grand prize and two $1,000 runner-up prizes. 

“Our focus as a company is helping business owners thrive,” says Greg Nielson, Mazuma co-founder. “We all need help or inspiration at some point in our business journey. We hope this giveaway can provide a boost for small business owners to reach their business goals and the next stage in their growth.”

 In addition to the chance to win $10,000, giveaway applicants will have the opportunity to be featured on Mazuma’s Keep Going podcast, which highlights the triumphs, challenges, and real stories of business owners.

“We strive to give back to the community that has supported us for so many years,” says Ben Sutton, Mazuma co-founder. “We provide opportunities like our giveaway and podcast to help other business owners keep alive the motivation, spark, and determination to keep going.”

Last year’s winner, TelepsychHealth Founder Dr. Bruce Bassi, noted how this giveaway helped further his company’s mission of “providing the highest quality care to those who need it the most.” 

“The prize money has allowed us to be more flexible in our pricing for service fees for those going through financial hardship,” Dr. Bassi says. “Small businesses across America are really struggling right now. We have a collective sentiment that we are ‘stuck in the middle’ between higher costs from distributors and not wanting to alienate our current customer base by increasing our prices. . . . We appreciate Mazuma running this contest to support small businesses like ours.”

Applications for the current $10,000 giveaway will be accepted through January 15, 2023. For more details or to apply, visit mazumausa.com/contest.

Mazuma USA

Mazuma USA

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