Mazuma’s Story

Benjamin Sutton, CPABenjamin Sutton, CPA and Mazuma Managing Partner, was sitting in his ridiculously overpriced chair at a large accounting firm a few years ago, contemplating his future as a six figure partner with a time share in Hawaii.

He unsuspectedly came across an article about a start-up accounting firm in the UK who built an offering around affordable small business bookkeeping and tax services. The article argued that a firm with a little more heart (in terms of billing rates) and a focus on small business bookkeeping and tax preparation could provide a much needed service to a group that represents over 90% of all companies. Ben’s heart grew three sizes that day and he convinced his wife this was the right thing to do.

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Mazuma Small Business Accounting

A business owner that has a good handle on the company’s income (P&L), cash flow, and expenses makes better decisions, and is more likely to succeed. We believe small businesses need more help with their financial tracking, and the support should be consistent, professional, and affordable. Mazuma has setup a unique accounting service specifically designed for small business bookkeeping and taxes for a price any business can afford.

Mazuma USA is a licensed CPA firm located in Orem, Utah, offering bookkeeping, tax preparation, and payroll services to small businesses throughout the United States. Mazuma is a member of AICPA.

Our small business accounting services are performed in-house by a dedicated accounting team, and each team is led by a licensed CPA. Our clients receive the same care and dedication as a professionally licensed accounting firm, but without the traditional fees. Your accounting team is available for questions and advice as part of the monthly service.