Mazuma Announces $10K Giveaway Winner for 2023

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Mazuma USA is thrilled to announce the winner of our $10K giveaway for 2023: Yameemah Prescott, founder of SELFY My Sister’s Keeper. 

Some people may say they love their business, but for Yahmeemah Prescott, her business is love. 

As a social worker, Yameemah noticed that some of the girls at her school weren’t receiving the support and encouragement they needed to thrive. That inspired Yameemah to start SELFY My Sister’s Keeper, an organization that uplifts and empowers adolescent girls.

“I don’t do this for brownie points. This is what needs to be done,” says Yameemah. “These kids need support; they need help. And not a lot of them are getting it at home.”

About winning the $10,000, Yameemah says this prize will allow SELFY My Sister’s Keeper to increase its reach and empower more girls to build confidence, self worth, and self love.

The runner up for the competition is Kendra Svilar, owner of Restore-Resolutions, a restorative justice practice in which her clients are given the chance to determine how they want a wrong made right. About Restore-Resolutions, Kendra shares, “Restore, LLC offers people a space to share the harm they experienced, the unmet needs associated with the harm, and tailors outcomes to address those needs and harms so the healing and repair process can begin.” 

She continues, sharing lessons she learned through the process of founding her business: “I learned that we all need empathy, connection, and accountability. We need a community of care who will come alongside us to support, challenge, and tend to us as we grow.”

Mazuma USA launched their $10K giveaway to bolster small businesses making a positive impact in their community. The top six finalists in the competition were featured on our Keep Going podcast as we celebrated their stories of hard work and success.

“More than 1,000 small business owners participated in our giveaway this year, and we are grateful for the opportunity we had to hear their stories,” says Greg Nielson, Mazuma co-founder.

“We strive to give back to the community that has supported us for so many years,” adds Ben Sutton, Mazuma co-founder. “We provide opportunities like our giveaway and podcast to help other business owners keep alive the motivation, spark, and determination to keep going.”

To listen to the remarkable stories of business owners like Yameemah Prescott and Kendra Svilar, visit mazumausa.com/keep-going

Mazuma USA

Mazuma USA

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