How to Build an Authentic Social Media Presence – Part II

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How to Build an Authentic Social Media Presence - Part Two| Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses | Mazuma USA | Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping

You can find Part One of How to Build an Authentic Social Media Presence here. 


Now that we’ve talked about the importance of having an authentic presence on our social media platforms, and we’ve reviewed a strategy for posting a variety of post types on our platforms, it’s time to talk about the nuts and bolts of making it all happen.

Types of posts

When putting together social media strategies, it’s important to remember the 3 P’s. Personality, Practicality, and Passionatism.  Potential customers need to get to know you, just like going on a date. You can let them get to know you casually by sharing something general.  Next, you share knowledge you have on the subject in a non-sales way, just helpful (building credibility).  After that, you share something personal. All along the way you’ll respond to their comments, and observe their interests (likes, ha-ha’s, sad’s, etc).  An example* of what to post with this strategy in mind is as follows:

    1. Monday: something about the time/season of the year/holiday/motivational,
    2. Wednesday: Educational, but helpful: How-to’s, Tips/Tricks, and
    3. Friday: show personality, behind the scenes, videos with the owner/creating the product, etc.
    4. Once per week, add a link talking about a sale Tuesday OR Thursday-talk about what event you have coming up, or both but not the next week

*This is a general schedule and may not work for all industries.  It is also a starting point.  Some companies have enough engagement/following to do well with more content.  It’s best to take the advice and tailor it to fit your specific industry/product/service.


Social media isn’t all about sales and Call To Action’s (CTA’s), it is about building relationships with other people that need what you have.  With that in mind, I recommend posts with heartfelt quotes, celebrations of holidays, etc.  Social media is also about being consistent. Once you have started posting, reach out to engage your audience and let them know you are “available” and will continue to post information that is insightful and helpful.

Target audience

Time for a quick test…AGH!  Don’t worry.  This is easy.

Q: Who is the target audience?

If you answered “the general internet” you may be right, but you’ll agree that doesn’t really narrow things down at all.

You may ask, “Why do we need to narrow things down? I want all people to know about my product!  All people can benefit from my Thneed (The Lorax).”  Well, SOO GLAD you asked!  More success comes from engaging people that have already had an interaction with you or already know you exist. Just like in our dating analogy, this  becomes the point where someone that has met you few times, gone on a few dates, knows and likes you, could eventually  ask to “marry” you.  Beyonce’s line about “if you liked it you should’ve put a ring on it” works opposite in this case.  If the CUSTOMER likes it, the CUSTOMER will buy your product or make the “move,” or “put the ring on it.”


Tip: Narrow your target audience down to those who already love your product/service.  The tip here is to use your Current, Past, and Prospective Customer database as your target market.  Don’t “hard sell” them, but let them be part of your “inner circle.”  Invite them to get to know your company better, and let them help you on your journey.  Let them know you have a social media page, let them know you’ll be posting tips and how-to’s, freebies that relate to them and help them in their lives, and behind the scenes that they’ve helped you with.   Many times people also respond well when they feel they’re doing you a favor, “check out our new menu and let us know if there’s any changes you want us to make!  Thanks for your help!”  This can be done with an email, a video in an email (more personal), or a direct message on the social media platform they are on most.


Social media won’t bring you clients per se,  but it will let people get to know you the same way fliers and open houses do, but much much BETTER.  Will every person who gets a flier come to an open house? Not likely.  Will every person that comes to the open house buy the house?  No.  Will every person who visits your page be interested? No.  But they will continue to come back if you have things that relate to them, appeal to them, and interest them.  This will keep your company in their mind when they hear of someone that needs that help or if/when they need it.  It’s about keeping your company in their line of vision.


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How to Build an Authentic Social Media Presence - Part Two| Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses | Mazuma USA | Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping

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