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Mazuma is proud to announce the winner for our 2023 $10,000 giveaway is Yameemah Prescott. Congratulations to all our six finalists who inspired us with their stories! Learn more about their businesses below.

Thank you to everyone who applied and helped make this giveaway happen!

Marcus Manahan, Aerofire Mapping

Whether it’s mapping out property lines or creating drones that help first responders in life-threatening situations, Marcus’s business as a drone pilot is anything but boring. However, starting a business in an emerging field has it’s own challenges. That’s why Marcus has learned how to distinguish his business, Aerofire Mapping, by providing excellent products using drones, 3D mapping, orthomosaic imagery, and high-definition photos.


Lawrence Phillips, Green Book Global

Lawrence was on the trip of a lifetime. In a year, he visited all seven continents and more than 30 countries, seeing everything from the canals of Venice to the penguins of Antarctica. Yet, as a Black traveler, Lawrence wanted to know if some destinations would be safe for him to visit. That’s when he came up with an idea that would eventually change the travel industry. He decided to create the first-ever Black travel review website: Green Book Global.

Amanda Piepgras, Amanda's Adaptive Martial Arts

Amanda never saw herself working as an occupational therapist assistant or a martial arts instructor. But when an opportunity came for Amanda to teach martial arts to a class of special needs children, she found it to be a perfect combination of her two passions. Little did she know that would lead her to starting Amanda’s Adaptive Martial Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching martial arts to children with special needs.

Yameemah Prescott,
SELFY My Sister's Keeper

Some people may say they love their business, but for Yahmeemah, her business is love. As a social worker and school counselor, she noticed that some of the girls at her school weren’t receiving the support and encouragement they needed to thrive. That inspired Yahmeemah to start a work of love that would turn into a business: SELFY My Sister’s Keeper, an organization that uplifts and empowers adolescent girls.

Kendra Svilar,

As an assistant prosecutor attorney, Kendra saw firsthand how dehumanized people were as they went through the court system. So when friends introduced her to restorative justice, a practice in which her clients were given the chance to determine how they wanted a wrong made right, Kendra felt like this was the career path she had been waiting for and led Kendra to start her own restorative justice business: Restore-Resolutions.

Jamila Thompson,
J.H. Lindo

When Jamila graduated from college with a degree in civil engineering, she noticed that out of more than a hundred students in her graduating class, only ten were women. Jamila wanted to do something about this disparity, so she did something a little unorthodox for a civil engineer; she began a media publishing company that encourages girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


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