Tax Forms Explained

  As we approach tax season, it is important to understand different types of tax forms, and why we need them.  If you’re hiring a new employee, or trying to report your income tax returns, you have come to the right place!  Tax forms are essential for all small businesses and must be filled out … Continued

Which Tax Forms Do I File as a Small Business Owner?

Depending on your business type, you need to file tax forms that report your business’ income for the year. The IRS requires different paperwork for the different business structures–Sole Proprietors, LLCs, and S Corps. While there are different forms for the varying business structures, taxable income for small businesses is generally calculated in the same … Continued

10 Reasons to File Your Taxes Early This Year

In case you needed a little extra motivation to get your taxes done before the rapidly approaching April 18th deadline, here are a few reasons to get you moving. Here is Mazuma’s top ten list of reasons to file your taxes early this year: You can actually file your taxes now and not pay your … Continued

Top 4 Quick & Easy Ways to Pay Your Tax Bill

Tax season doesn’t equate to a refund for everybody. If you owe a tax bill this year, the IRS offers methods of quick and easy payment. No matter how you deliver your payment–online, on your smartphone, or delivery by horseback, make sure your tax bill is paid by April 18th. DirectPay. The quickest and easiest … Continued

How Do I File Last Year’s Taxes Online?

It’s never too late to file overdue tax returns. Of course, filing all of your taxes by the April 15th (April 18 for 2016) deadline is always the best way to keep yourself out of hot water with the IRS. But, if you still haven’t filed a previous year’s tax returns, you still can and … Continued