5 Organizational Habits for Small Business Owners

When you run a small business, the title, owner, translates to: head of marketing, inventory manager, customer service rep, etc. It’s impossible to stay on top of everything unless you develop organizational habits. Learning to be more organized is essential to living a balance and happy life. However, there are a few direct benefits to becoming … Continued

8 Life Hacks to Boost Productivity as an Entrepreneur

The elusive “work-life balance” we hear so much about these days…does it exist? Any entrepreneur who doesn’t clock in or out at a 9-5 job knows that time is money, especially when your productivity determines your profitability. Here are 8 genius life hacks to get things done as an entrepreneur on the go: Follow the … Continued

How to Attract the Right Talent for Your Company

The size of your budget isn’t the only factor that determines the quality, talent, and caliber of employees your company attracts. There are other ways to find employees who genuinely want to work for you, even if you’re not designing iPhones or promoting Ferraris. Here are a few quick tips on attracting and hiring the … Continued

Grow Your Business Through Referrals

The single most powerful selling tool for any small business can be summed up in one simple word: REFERRALS. People would rather do business with people they know (or know of) than strangers. That’s how it’s always been. Think about it from the other perspective. When you’re introduced to a new service or product by … Continued

Planning Your Summer Marketing Efforts Part 2: Celebrating Holidays & Events

Citius.  Altius.  Fortius.  Faster, higher, stronger – the Olympic motto will be heard often this summer and can be applied to small business marketing, as well as athletic endeavors.  Share in the excitement surrounding this summer’s holidays and events to add some inexpensive pizazz to your marketing efforts. Here are few important dates and tips as … Continued

9 Ways to Negotiate Better

  Good negotiators know it’s not all about winning. Great negotiators understand that the best case scenario almost always involves a win for each party. The goal of any worthwhile negotiation is to leave both sides with a feeling of value and a mutual benefit. Successful negotiations require a bit of planning, prep work, and … Continued