6 Tips for How to Handle Work During the Holidays

It can be hard to stay motivated during the holidays.  There is so much to do with end of year reports due, Christmas parties, never-ending projects, and last minute gift buyers.  Don’t let those dissuade you from good business practices. Here are some realistic tips for how to keep your business running smoothly during the … Continued

When to Forget Your Goals & Focus on Your Obstacles

  It seems like goals is a buzzword in business these days. We hear about solopreneurs achieving lofty aspirations and turning their side hustle into a corporation almost overnight. We read about the best tactics for corporate goal setting and how to implement change, and we’re constantly focusing on how to beat our stats, implement metrics … Continued

Why You Need to Learn to Tell Your Story

  Stories are just words. So why are they so important? Studies show that the average American hears or reads 100,000 words every single day. Findings from studies dating back decades have shown that 80% of what we learn is gone within 24 hours of our hearing it. That means that many of the message … Continued

How to Create Daily Rituals that Help Propel You To Success

We’ve heard it before. The effect daily rituals have on success is quite the topic among high achievers. The concert pianist who practices scales and muscle memory exercises mercilessly to help hone their craft. The athlete that visualizes winning a gold medal, scoring the winning goal or breaking a world record in efforts to maximize … Continued

How to Stay Organized on Your Business Calendar

  It’s all too easy to let our day jobs rule our lives. With technology at our fingertips we can constantly be in contact – checking emails, answering texts, and fielding phone calls. Our work schedules quickly feel up with business meetings, and collaborating with teams on projects, new product launches and much, much more. … Continued

4 Ways to Raise Your Small Business Credit Score

  When it comes to test scores, salaries, batting averages, or pretty much anything other than golf scores – the higher the better. The same goes for credit scores. And a good credit score means a lot if you’re starting or running a business.  Why Your Credit Score Matters A credit score is a way … Continued