4 Habits That Keep You On Top Of Your Bookkeeping

Small business owners wear lots of hats. You’re a marketer, a creator, a production assistant, a salesman, and you’re also in charge of bookkeeping. Bookkeeping may not be the most exciting aspect of your business, but it’s pretty important. If you’re looking to learn how to up your game, you’ll find 4 habits below that … Continued

What to Do if Your Business is Operating at a Loss

  It happens to everyone. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even giant corporations have products that fail, launches that never happen and spreadsheets that show tanking finances and little to no cash flows. It’s important to make smart choices but a savvy businessperson knows that even the best decision making can still sometimes lead to operating … Continued

What Business Records You Should Keep for Tax Purposes

Keeping business records for tax purposes can be completely overwhelming, but it’s critical in order to keep your business safe if you’re ever audited. The most overwhelming part of keeping business records is knowing what records are important. We’ll go through the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) recommendations on what to keep and how long to keep … Continued