2020 Tax Dates You Should Know

Knowing when your business taxes are due can be stressful. It’s important to submit your information by each deadline to stay compliant with the IRS. As we approach tax season, you’ll want to pay attention to the following dates and mark them on your calendar:   January 15, 2020 If you made 2019 estimated tax … Continued

Dangers of DIY Accounting

It can be tempting to cut corners when laying the foundation of your business. Most new business owners try to pinch pennies where they can—even in areas they shouldn’t. For almost all businesses, making money is a priority, but how you manage that money is equally important. When you try to manage the accounting and … Continued

How to Grow Your Business: Customer Feedback

Your customers can help you to know how, when, and where to grow your business. Gathering customer feedback and listening to how your customers feel about your products, services, and brand can help you quickly identify what you are doing right and where you can improve.    When gathering customer feedback, you’ll want to make … Continued

How to Grow your Business: Marketing Strategy Part II

Once you’ve ironed out your marketing message, you’ll want to decide what channels will work best to get your message to the right customers. As you consider each channel, think about where your audience “hangs out”. Does your audience spend a lot of time on social media? Does your audience read the newspaper or listen … Continued

How to Grow Your Business: Marketing Strategy Part I

Last week we covered how to find your target audience. Now that you’ve defined your target audience, how do you talk to them in a way that makes them convert?  When thinking about your marketing strategy, it’s best to define a core message. Some refer to this an elevator pitch—a short blurb that explains what … Continued

How to Grow Your Business: Find Your Audience

As a business owner, it can be easy to see dollar signs on things that aren’t actually going to drive revenue for your business. Identifying the markets that are going to be lucrative for your business will help you to define your niche and—more importantly—nail it. It’s tempting to try to reach every customer who … Continued

How to Reduce Stress as an Entrepreneur

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur is stressful. You’ve got a million things on your plate. From ordering inventory to dealing with customer concerns, to staying within budget and beyond, the stress of daily responsibilities can wear on you. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to reduce stress so that you can have a clear … Continued

Choosing the Best Location for Your Business

  A good location can make or break your business, and that can be a lot of pressure on you as a business owner. There are many factors to think about as you are choosing a location. From monthly lease price to volume of walk-by traffic to the ambiance of the building, each detail of … Continued

How to Set Up a Website for Your Business

As a business owner, you spend a lot of time finding and presenting your business to the right customers. You spend hours meticulously arranging your products, perfecting your pitch, or figuring out how to connect with your clients to close the deal. These are all important ways for you to present yourself to your clients. … Continued