5 Signs Your Business Needs a Professional Bookkeeper

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are good at wearing multiple hats. They’re the marketing department, the production assistant, the CEO, the customer service rep, and much more. If you’ve been in business long, odds are you’ve learned quite a bit about finances (or you want to) and you might have even gotten pretty savvy at … Continued

Is Office Furniture Tax Deductible?

Furnishing an office is a necessary but expensive endeavor. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) understands that office furniture is a vital aspect of running a business, so they allow business owners to deduct those expenses from their taxable income. Office Furniture There are rules when it comes to deducting office furniture. First, the IRS only … Continued

Top 4 Numbers That Drive Your Business Success

Are you looking to build your business? As small business owners, it is easy to get distracted by the length of our to-do list and lose sight of the important factors that drive our business’ success. It’s also easy to ignore financial reports when we don’t know how to translate the numbers on the report … Continued

5 Financial Tips All Business Owners Should Know

Running your own business is rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming. There are dozens of administrative tasks to keep tabs on besides your day-to-day work. I’ve been there, and I’ve felt that nagging feeling that I am letting something important slip through the cracks. That’s why I wanted to put together these tips to … Continued

4 Financial Planning Tips for Small Business Owners

Financial planning is essential for anyone who wants to achieve financial independence. The goal of financial planning is to help you reach your financial goals, whether that be retiring by a certain age or having the money to open a new business. For small business owners, financial planning is especially important because you need to … Continued

How Many Years Can I Take a Loss on My Business?

If you’re wondering, “How many years can I take a loss on my business?” then you’re probably reaching a point where you’ve been claiming too many losses on your taxes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) only allows your business to be in the negative for a certain number of years before it declassifies it as … Continued