Ben’s Message

May Newsletter

Nine years ago, we started a small company that helps small businesses with their bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting…a simple but needed service.  I value the entrepreneurial spirit and understand the hard work and dedication it takes to run a small business.  There are few pursuits that demand more character and grit than keeping your doors open amidst the chaos and risks the world throws at you.  We are the pump that fills American’s heart and body with life!  COVID-19 is one more mountain to climb…but we’ve climbed them before.

It’s time to move forward and adapt.  That’s who we are as small business owners and entrepreneurs.  We go through ups and downs, risks and rewards, frustrations and curiosity, success and failure.  Even though our industry’s differ, our hard work, dedication and commitments are the same.  We are a different breed…one that takes the road less traveled…one that claws through all the mud to come out on top!

As some states slowly reopen their economies, I am optimistic in the future.  I have been grateful to see so many businesses be creative, strategically plan, and open their hearts to people around them.  Perhaps we’ll look back on this time as a period of love, friendship, and service, where our paradigm shifted into a more pure pursuit of what really matters in life.  Let’s keep moving forward, keep progressing and never quit!




Ben Sutton


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