6 Accounting Tips For Your (Really Small) Small Business

Before you read on, take a quick guess at how many small business start-ups fail within the first five years. No reading ahead! According to the Small Business Administration, about half of all businesses fail within the first five years. 50% of businesses make it, and 50% don’t. Are you shocked? Maybe feeling a little … Continued

7 Accounting Things To Do On An Employee’s First Day

When it comes to hiring a new employee, there is a lot of work to be done before the training even begins. Employers have to post the job, screen applicants, conduct interviews, perform background checks and more, all before the employee is even hired. After hiring an employee, there is even more work to be … Continued

Small Business Payroll 101: The Power of the Employee Pay Stub

With electronic banking, direct deposits, pay with your phone options, virtual bookkeeping, and a decreasing need for anything made of paper, technology is changing nearly every aspect of the world. More and more employees are opting to have their paychecks directly deposited into their account and are using online banking to pay their bills. Their … Continued

Small Business Payroll 101: The 1099-MISC Explained

In our last post, we demystified the elusive W-2 Form received from employers for wages earned on the job. However, non-employees who do contract work for a company will receive a Form 1099-Misc instead of a W-2.   Like the W-2, the 1099-Misc Form is an IRS form used for tax purposes only. This form … Continued

Small Business Payroll 101: The W-2 Explained

You just got a new job. Congrats! Pat yourself on the back and start filling out that mountain of new hire paperwork. Sign here, sign there, date a few places, and you’re ready to start. Most people don’t understand exactly what it is they’re filling out, or what exactly the documents mean that they receive … Continued

Small Business Payroll 101: How Often Should You Pay Employees?

The majority of employees working in the United States today are paid roughly twice per month. However, setting up a payroll schedule that works for employees is a big decision for small business owners that must take many factors into account. Federal and state laws require that a small business pays their employees at regular … Continued

The 3 Big Reasons Businesses Should Outsource Payroll

Few business owners cite payroll as their favorite business task. In fact, it generally tops the list of least favorites. At what point does it make sense to leave it to the experts? Here are three big advantages of outsourcing payroll: Access to expertise and knowledge. Employers have to deal with almost 10,000 federal, state … Continued