Email Etiquette – 5 Tips for Better Business Emails

Email. Written communications that fly through the internet and appear in our inboxes. Whether it’s for a job, personal communication, or merely to collect junk mail, almost every person has at least 1 email address. And whether we like it or not, a lot of our daily communication happens through this tool. If you’re using … Continued

4 Reasons Small Business Owners Should use a Business Dashboard

  It’s not surprise that entrepreneurs and small business owners often find themselves stretched thin. The dream of growing a business is an exciting one, but it requires long hours, big decisions and a lot of elbow grease. There’s little time to spend on getting organized or giving a luxury feel to the inner workings … Continued

5 Steps to Establishing Business Courage & Fail Forward

  Case Study:  I may have personal experience in this arena.  Yes, me. I am a very organized person. I do a great amount of due diligence, practice run-throughs, post-work, what to expect, current research, etc.  Even after all of that, I still manage to make mistakes from time to time. For example, recently, I … Continued

3 Podcasts for the Small Business Owner

  As business owners we spend a lot of time working on building the business and growing it to match our dreams. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are made of different stuff than they typical corporate employee. They make something out of nothing and combine their creativity with their business acumen. Here at Mauzma we … Continued

How to Build an Authentic Social Media Presence – Part I

    How A Social Media Presence Is Like Dating How would you like it if someone you didn’t know, walks right up to you and asks you to marry them?  What?!  That’s a HUGE commitment!  In a dating relationship, we get to know a person, spend time with them in many settings, and even … Continued

How to Stay Inspired About Building Your Business & Setting Goals

Running a small business requires hard work, but it also requires setting goals. Without goals, you’ll be hard pressed to turn those entrepreneurial dreams into reality. So how do you create stamina to pursue your goals when the thrill of the entrepreneurial chase is gettin you down? Here are a few of our favorite tactics … Continued

Why Keeping Track of Your Product Inventory is Essential to Your Small Business Success (Plus a Free Inventory Tracking Sheet)

Keeping track of product inventory might just be an entrepreneurs least favorite task. However, it’s necessary if you want to be a successful business owner. Tracking product inventory is useful for multiple reasons. It lets you know what products are best-sellers. You can save money by not over ordering. Free up space by only ordering … Continued