Financial Planning Tips for Small Business Owners

Financial planning is a essential for anyone who wants to achieve financial independence. The goal of financial planning is to help you reach your financial goals; whether that be retiring by a certain age, or having the money to open a new business. For small business owners financial planning is especially important because you need to … Continued

How to Create a Positive Work Environment

Creating a positive work environment is a great way to draw better employees to your business. If your employees feel valued, they take pride in being part of a successful business. We’re going in depth on five ways to help your employees feel more valued in our How to Create A Successful Business series. Click on … Continued

How to Create a Positive Work Environment: Put Employees First

Employees are the lifeblood of your business; however, they’re constantly fighting for that recognition. Employers don’t put employee first; customers, management and boards all come before employees. By putting employees last on the totem pole, many companies are hurting their profits. Businesses Put Customers First Many business owners set up their business model with a … Continued

How to Create a Positive Work Environment: Acknowledge Success

  When you’ve worked hard on a project, nothing feels better than having someone acknowledge your success. A simple compliment can help you feel appreciated and valued and can even increase your productivity in the future. Employees, especially millennials, are driven by positive encouragement. One of the biggest issues with employee-employer relationships is that employees … Continued

Build a Better Business

We want you to succeed in your business ventures. To make that happen, we’ve compiled a series of tutorials on simple ways to build your business. We’ll talk you through your marketing and advertising strategies, hiring and firing employees, effective communication in the workplace, business etiquette, operations, human resources, and of course, accounting. Check out … Continued

How to protect your business from theft

Theft is a major issue for both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. Some types of theft have been around for ages, while new attacks are always popping up, especially due to the Internet. It’s important to protect your business, yourself and your employees from any type of theft. Shoplifting, employee fraud and online threats are the … Continued

How to Create a Succession Plan for Your Small Business

Your small business is up and running with a bright future. You’ve decided to go full force with it and make long-term plans. But you know as well as any other small business owner that things don’t always go as anticipated. Wise entrepreneurs know that a well-developed succession plan can ease the future changes of … Continued

Plan for Holiday Success by Hiring Seasonal Employees

If your small business is one that gets especially busy during the holiday season, you can plan for success early by hiring seasonal employees. You might be surprised at how a little extra help can boost sales, increase profits, and make your life as a business owner less hectic during an already busy time of … Continued