3 Ways to Boost Your Client Load

Business Owners have good times and bad times.  It’s important to test your idea out, have a good support team, and work really hard–consistently.  If you are doing that and feel like you need a little boost or are experiencing a slight down time, consider thinking of your down time as an opportunity to prepare … Continued

Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

We work with a lot of entrepreneurs. Online sellers, professional bloggers, traditional mom n’ pop shops, rapidly growing brick and mortar specialty stores, and a host of professionals that provide a variety of services (everything from window cleaning to marketing and graphic design) to their customers, just to name a few.  Despite the vast differences … Continued

How to Properly Respond to An Angry Customer

It’s inevitable really. When you run a small business, or any business at all for that matter, you’re bound to find an unhappy customer. It could be your product, your offered services, your shipping and return policies, or just the fact that they’re having a bad day – but when it comes to angry customers, … Continued

Top Tech Tools for Your Small Business Tool Belt

Every small business needs a tool belt.  Initially many small businesses start out with an idea, a plan, and then grow to crazy and out of control without knowing how to organize/fix the problem.  Many successful small businesses have learned that it’s important to devote resources (ie: time and money) to a few top tools. … Continued

How to Perform a 6 Month check-up on Your Small Business

Every business needs to perform a 6 month check up on their company.  If you are good, you perform those along the way as well, monthly, weekly, daily, but a 6-month check up should consist of 3 different areas: Value Chain Analysis SWOT analysis Revisit Quarterly & Yearly Goals 1.What’s a Value Chain Analysis? This … Continued

How to Write a Killer Business Plan in 5 Easy Steps!

Whether you are braving the pitch world to find a financer on Shark Tank, or you are striving to get your team organized, you need a KILLER business plan.  What exactly does that mean? Is it just an outline? Is it a letter to a bank? Is it a report? I’m sure it has trendy … Continued

Small Business Accounting School: Accounting Terms To Know

  Summer is almost out and Pomp and Circumstance is queued up at schools across the country, but when it comes to Small Biz Accounting School, we’re just about to be in session. With tax season finally over for another year, we’re looking towards helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs alike by giving them … Continued