Should I Itemize or Use Standard Deductions?

    Today we’re talking tax deductions, what they are, what qualifies, and how it will help your small business. Grab your favorite beverage and a notepad and pen and get ready to spend the next 30 minutes getting expert advice on how to work deductions to your benefit.  Have a specific questions or don’t … Continued

Where’s My Tax Refund & Other Tax Filing Information

You beat the rush and filed your taxes early. Having the stress over with is nice, but having that cash from your tax refund in your bank account would make the success of getting it done all that much sweeter, right? It’s true that the IRS issues more than 9 out of 10 refunds in … Continued

How to Build an Authentic Social Media Presence – Part II

You can find Part One of How to Build an Authentic Social Media Presence here.    Now that we’ve talked about the importance of having an authentic presence on our social media platforms, and we’ve reviewed a strategy for posting a variety of post types on our platforms, it’s time to talk about the nuts … Continued

How to Project Start Up Profits in 5 Easy Steps

These 5 easy steps to projecting project start up profits is a great way to  launch a new product or even start a business. Read on for the 5 easy steps and then get planning on that next launch!   In today’s world there are dozens of great ideas. So why is it that many crash and … Continued

What Does Tax Reform Mean for Me & My Business?

      Nothing is sure but death and taxes, or so the saying goes.  But what about when there’s tax reform? What’s sure about that. Ben Sutton takes on the Tax Reform as his topic for our first Mazuma Webinar in 2018. Regardless of your political affiliation or whether or not you have a … Continued

What should I do if I owe the IRS money?

Nothing is certain except death and taxes, or at least that’s how the saying goes. But it’s the uncertainty of how much is owed, and what to do if you don’t have enough to pay, that seems to bring a lot of worry and questions when it comes tax time. Today, we wanted to shed … Continued