What Business Records You Should Keep for Tax Purposes

Keeping business records for tax purposes can be completely overwhelming, but it’s critical in order to keep your business safe if you’re ever audited. The most overwhelming part of keeping business records is knowing what records are important. We’ll go through the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) recommendations on what to keep and how long to keep … Continued

How to Calculate Estimated Quarterly Taxes

When you have income that isn’t subject to withholdings then you must pay estimated quarterly taxes. This is the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) way of collecting taxes from people who don’t have them withheld from their paychecks. Our guide on estimated quarterly taxes will help you understand who needs to pay them, how to calculate … Continued

FAQ – Is Office Furniture Tax Deductible?

Furnishing an office is a necessary, but expensive endeavor. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) understands that office furniture is a vital aspect of running a business, so they allow business owners to deduct those expenses on their taxes. Office Furniture There are rules when it comes to deducting office furniture. First, the IRS only allows … Continued

What are My Mileage Deduction Options? Plus a Free Mileage Log

If you’re a small business owner who drives a lot for work, then claiming a mileage deduction on your taxes is a great way to save money. There are two options when you’re claiming a deduction for mileage. You can choose to claim a standard mileage deduction or you can calculate the actual costs of … Continued

Do I Need to File My Self Employment Taxes on My Gross or Net Income?

  When you are self employed, you are responsible to pay taxes towards social security, income and Medicare. Usually, these taxes are covered in part by an employer; however, if you are self-employed you are responsible to pay them yourself. You should set aside 30% of your income for self employment taxes. What is the difference … Continued

2017 Important Tax Dates (Free Printable)

As a small business owner, it is critical that you are aware of your tax responsibilities. We’ve gathered all of the important 2017 tax dates and created a free printable so that you can keep track of everything. Your biggest responsibility, as a business owner, is to pay your self employment taxes. Most businesses pay … Continued

Best of Mazuma 2016

If you looked at your newsfeed at the beginning of the year, you may have seen a lot of people ready for 2016 to end and were more than ready for 2017 to begin. At Mazuma, we’re only glad to see 2016 go so that we can help you move forward in your businesses. We … Continued

Mazuma’s 2017 Earlybird Tax Deal

Be an earlybird and take advantage of this tax deal! Send your tax documents to Mazuma by February 20th and we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a prize! Mazuma Earlybird checklist: 1.  If Mazuma did NOT prepare your taxes last year, start here: Full names and relationship of all family members Social security … Continued

Build a Better Business

We want you to succeed in your business ventures. To make that happen, we’ve compiled a series of tutorials on simple ways to build your business. We’ll talk you through your marketing and advertising strategies, hiring and firing employees, effective communication in the workplace, business etiquette, operations, human resources, and of course, accounting. Check out … Continued