What Business Records You Should Keep for Tax Purposes

Keeping business records for tax purposes can be completely overwhelming, but it’s critical in order to keep your business safe if you’re ever audited. The most overwhelming part of keeping business records is knowing what records are important. We’ll go through the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) recommendations on what to keep and how long to keep … Continued

The Business of Blogging Part 5: Create and Maintain an Organized Bookkeeping System (AKA: Mazuma’s Secret Bookkeeping Formula)

An organized bookkeeping system is arguably the most critical component of monetizing a blog business. It doesn’t matter if you’re making boocoo bucks on your blog if you aren’t tracking money coming in and money going out. Here’s how we suggest you manage your time when you’re taking care of your own small business bookkeeping … Continued

Conquer the Paper Pile-Up: Top 3 Ways to Track Receipts this year

Tracking receipts can be a huge headache for small business owners. Creating an organized system to store all of those receipts (and finding them when it’s time to file taxes!) can be an even bigger headache. Here are the top 3 ways to track receipts for your small business this year: Take a photo and … Continued

4 Ways to Reduce Your Personal Income Tax Bill

As we approach the end of the year (and the beginning of tax season!) it’s time to start thinking about how your year went financially. If you made a little more money than usual or are anticipating a high tax bill for your personal income tax, you still have time to reduce your bill before … Continued