What is Sales Tax?

What is Sales Tax? Sales tax is a consumption tax on goods and services. State governments, along with county and local governments, set the sales tax; however, not every state has sales tax. The purpose of sales tax is to fund government projects. The revenues from sales tax are used to fix roads, improve communities, … Continued

Best of Mazuma 2016

If you looked at your newsfeed at the beginning of the year, you may have seen a lot of people ready for 2016 to end and were more than ready for 2017 to begin. At Mazuma, we’re only glad to see 2016 go so that we can help you move forward in your businesses. We … Continued

The Business of Blogging Part 10: Hire an Expert

If you’ve been following along with our Business of Blogging series, you’re now a Blogging-Accounting-Pro, or at least close to it! For the most part, when you start your blog you should be able to manage most bookkeeping and accounting tasks for yourself. However, if you’re diligent and determined to grow your blog, it will … Continued

The Business of Blogging Part 9: Pay Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Now that you’re making money on your blog, you’ll need to pay quarterly estimated taxes. If you traded in your 9-5 day job for your blog business, you may not have even heard of quarterly estimated taxes. Here’s a quick rundown for you: If you worked for someone else and received a paycheck, taxes were … Continued

The Business of Blogging Part 7: Create a Budget for Your Blog

Whether you’re brand new at blogging, or you’ve been at it for a while, the importance of creating and sticking to a budget for your blog cannot be overemphasized. A blog business can be inexpensive to run and highly profitable, or just  the opposite. Keeping close track of your blog finances is just the ticket … Continued

The Business of Blogging Part 5: Create and Maintain an Organized Bookkeeping System (AKA: Mazuma’s Secret Bookkeeping Formula)

An organized bookkeeping system is arguably the most critical component of monetizing a blog business. It doesn’t matter if you’re making boocoo bucks on your blog if you aren’t tracking money coming in and money going out. Here’s how we suggest you manage your time when you’re taking care of your own small business bookkeeping … Continued

The Business of Blogging Part 4: Start Making Money on Your Blog

If you’re creating engaging content on your blog, employing proven SEO strategies, and using great images on your posts, you’re ready to start making money on your blog! Most bloggers know what catches a reader’s eye because they’ve been consumers of great blogs long before they started their own. But behind all the beautiful images … Continued