7 Tips on What Not to Do as a Small Business Owner

Being a small business owner is hard.  We balance personal life, work, and everything inbetween just trying to make it through the day.  Because of this, it’s easy to take shortcuts or let things slide. Here are a few ideas on what to steer clear of or at least know what you’re getting into so … Continued

How to Stay Organized on Your Business Calendar

  It’s all too easy to let our day jobs rule our lives. With technology at our fingertips we can constantly be in contact – checking emails, answering texts, and fielding phone calls. Our work schedules quickly feel up with business meetings, and collaborating with teams on projects, new product launches and much, much more. … Continued

4 Ways to Raise Your Small Business Credit Score

  When it comes to test scores, salaries, batting averages, or pretty much anything other than golf scores – the higher the better. The same goes for credit scores. And a good credit score means a lot if you’re starting or running a business.  Why Your Credit Score Matters A credit score is a way … Continued

Save Time & Stress Less – Process Automation

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are often one-man shows. But just because your headcount is small doesn’t mean that your business has to be. In fact, you can save time, stress less and earn more by spending a little bit of time thinking through your daily tasks and implementing process automation where you can. For … Continued

5 Quick Ways to Get Debt Free as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur means you’re bound to take risks, even if they’re well calculated and justifiable and when it comes to running or starting a small business taking out loans or racking up debt are usually a large part of that risk. The smartest entrepreneurs we know are those that take the risks and then … Continued

Top 3 Business Strategies That Will CHANGE The Way You Do Business

There are many different types of consultants.  Business, IT, HR, Marketing, etc. IT consultants can fix hard drives, cloud problems; HR consultants can protect you from wrongfully terminating an employee and teach you how to hire in order to get the best candidate for the job;  Marketing Consultants can help you launch a product. Business … Continued

How to Get a Tax ID for Your Small Business

  What is a Tax Identification Number? A Tax Identification number is the same as an Employer Identification Number (EIN). The IRS uses this number to identify your business entity, just like they use your Social Security Number to identify you for your personal taxes. Applying for a Tax ID is simple and can be … Continued

How to Offer Health Insurance as a Small Business Owner

  When it comes to running your own business – the sky is the limit. You’re in charge of your hours, the size of your business, how much you bring in as profit and whether or not you bring on employees. But even though the list of perks is long, there are parts to running … Continued

5 Ways to Attract Your Niche Market

  If you’re running a small business or are looking to jump in and start your own venture, understanding how and why you need to attract your niche market will help make your business a success. Sure there are lots of moving parts to a successful small business, but without a clear picture of your … Continued