What is Underwithholding?

What is Underwithholding? Underwithholding is when you haven’t had enough income taxes withheld during a year. If a tax payer’s incomes taxes are underwithheld, it does not mean that tax payers doesn’t have to pay the taxes. Tax payers pay the underwithheld taxes when he or she files a tax return. The withholding amount is determined by how … Continued

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign that Drives Sales

If you’re not using email marketing in your small business, it’s time to fix that! Email marketing is an essential tool for small business owners. It’s the perfect way to reach out to your customers, remind them of your business and build a community. While it’s great to build a relationship with your customer base, … Continued

What is a Tax Credit?

What is a Tax Credit? A tax credit reduces the amount of tax a business or individual has to pay. The government uses tax credits to encourage or reward behavior that they find beneficial. For example, the government can give a tax credit to people for replacing old appliances with new, energy efficient ones. Most tax … Continued

Why Mazuma is More Than Just a Good Accountant

Mazuma is an accounting and bookkeeping service for small businesses. Our goal is to take a load off of your shoulders. We know that as a small business owner, you’re managing every aspect of your business. We also want to be more than just a good accountant. At Mazuma, we want to be the accountant … Continued

What is Sales Tax?

What is Sales Tax? Sales tax is a consumption tax on goods and services. State governments, along with county and local governments, set the sales tax; however, not every state has sales tax. The purpose of sales tax is to fund government projects. The revenues from sales tax are used to fix roads, improve communities, … Continued

5 Organizational Habits for Small Business Owners

When you run a small business, the title, owner, translates to: head of marketing, inventory manager, customer service rep, etc. It’s impossible to stay on top of everything unless you develop organizational habits. Learning to be more organized is essential to living a balance and happy life. However, there are a few direct benefits to becoming … Continued

What is the Rehabilitation Tax Credit?

What is the Rehabilitation Tax Credit? The rehabilitation tax credit is a federal tax credit that encourages real estate developers to renovate or restore older buildings. Buildings built before 1936 are the target of the rehabilitation tax credit. Any renovations made on buildings from 1936 or earlier are eligible for a 10% tax credit. Any … Continued

5 Branding Tips for Small Business Owners

Branding is the way your company presents itself to the world. It comprises a lot of different aspects like: image, voice and audience. We’re going to go over what you can do to build your brand and create a better company. 1. Create a Brand Identity Although the look of your brand isn’t everything when it … Continued